lucha libre, manchester

so, it’s 2014 and i’ve hardly been out for any food!

no diets involved – simply time and getting my arse off the sofa at the weekend or after work.

to get ourselves back into the swing of eating out, the boyfriend treated me to a meal at lucha libre. opened in liverpool then extending to manchester, i had high hopes and they were (mostly) met.

lucha libre manchester menuinside, it’s nicely set up; a large bar area with plenty of drinking tables, eating tables towards the back, and a large dj booth upstairs. we were seated quickly and handed our menus, which is when we got very excited.

the idea is, as with many places this year, ‘family dining’ or ‘tapas’ (the buzzwords for a foodie 2014, perhaps?)

i personally think it’s a well priced menu, with some burritos and quesadilla only coming in at the £5 mark – a great mark for anyone wanting a quick, cheap and little bit naughty lunch.

we, naturally, wanted to try everything, so went for:

chicken empanada

jalapeno poppers

black beans

spicy fries

pork pil bil quesadilla

cali steak burrito

lucha libre feastto round up our thoughts rather than boring you all by going through the individual dishes, it was good – not great, but good!

there’s was just a little bit of something lacking, with the fries being the spiciest item on the table.

however, i did really enjoy my burrito, but only with a few drops of hot sauce; the steak was super moist, with plenty of guac, and i loved having the sweet potato fries inside the wrap, something i have been known to do at home.

chicken empanada lucha librethe chicken empanada, the perfect hand held item, was probably second on my list, providing a surprisingly light combination between chicken & chorizo.

i’m assured the pork was delicious, if a bit juicy! napkins on laps folks.

the thing to let it down? when wanting another drink it was a long wait before anyone noticed us – we had actually finished our meal by the time my wine came.

saying that, i’d go again, simply because i felt very content with both the price and fullness of my stomach. i’d simply be less thirsty.


happy new year!

happy 2014 everyone!

before saying goodbye to 2013 completely, here is a brief (but mouthwatering) look over the food i recently tucked in to during my christmas visit to sydney, australia!

IMG_0285beef & the trimmings on the plane from manchester – dubai

IMG_0290pasta with parmesan & avocado on the plane from dubai – sydney

IMG_0318steak sandwich & amazing fries at the lord nelson brewery pub

2013-12-25 11.29.26christmas day brunch!

2013-12-25 21.01.45

2013-12-25 21.32.43scallops to start & chicken roulade main at the oxford social for christmas dinner

2013-12-27 11.55.26

2013-12-27 11.55.31zucchini, shallot & sweetcorn fritters with bacon and tomato, and pancakes with pistachio cream at jelly fish on manly beach

2013-12-28 13.46.19chicken tikka wrap from wine odyssey at the rocks market

2013-12-28 20.09.192013-12-28 20.09.282013-12-28 20.09.37green chicken curry, chicken & coconut soup, and chicken satay at home thai restaurant

it really was a whirlwind trip (i was only there for a week!) but, as you can see, i managed to fit plenty of food adventures in.

here’s to a new year, filled with many more culinary delights and food-fuelled weekends. keep eating!

leaf on bold, liverpool

leaf on bold street is probably what this area of liverpool is all about – a rustic, cafe-cum-arts centre, with plenty of people tapping away on their laptops over a latte.

it might not be for everyone, but we were more than willing to pop in for our final meal of our long weekend in the city.

2013-12-09 11.19.54

nabbing a seat at the back of the room, so as to be able to properly people watch (and not get in anyone’s way – the tables are quite close together!), we looked over the small but delicious sounding menu. arriving at 11.30, we had the option of either getting our order in for breakfast or waiting 30 minutes for lunch.

although the lunch items sounded good, the other half couldn’t resist the full breakfast.

2013-12-09 11.40.35everything was well cooked and left me feeling pretty remorseful with my breakfast sandwich! the poached eggs were his favourite item, with the hash brown style breakfast croquette coming in a close second.

2013-12-09 11.40.19going for the make your own breakfast sandwich, i had sausage with the aforementioned breakfast croquette; the result was fairly stodgy, especially with the hunks of toasted brown bread, but there was nothing a spot of ketchup couldn’t sort out.

i can imagine leaf getting a bit crowded and stressful at the weekend, but for a weekday breakfast, i can’t imagine many better places.

arts club, liverpool

walking past the arts club, it was like i hadn’t learnt anything from living in manchester as, for a moment, i thought it was actually an arts centre. little did i know that, inside, i would find one of the best chilli dogs i have ever eaten.

2013-12-07 14.19.432013-12-07 14.19.30nursing somewhat of a hangover from the morning before, i needed something delicious, filling and, most of all, naughty.

the menu offered predominantly burgers, with some larger plates of chilli and fried chicken with biscuits, but i couldn’t quite handle those! instead, we went for a chilli dog each, a portion of mac&cheese (with bacon – always with bacon), and triple fried chips. these were listed in the starters/small plates section, and were so well priced it felt like a complete steal.

2013-12-07 14.45.46the chilli dog in all its glory. we’re talking properly, chunky, pieces-of-steak chilli. with just the right amount of spice. the meat fell apart and the hot dog, surprisingly, held its own. nothing from a tin here!

WP_20131207_002the mac&cheese was simply heavenly, and a must try with some chilli – the flavours just work! it was thick with cheese and chunks of bacon, but somehow not overly heavy, and a really great portion.

it turns out triple fried chips have the most amazing amount of crisp, which is my absolute must when it comes to chips, though i wouldn’t be surprised if the fries were equally as good.

WP_20131207_003this is me, staring lovingly at my food.

don’t be fooled by the exterior, like i almost was. here is the perfect place to read a magazine, tuck into some solid, well made grub, and while away the afternoon.

salt house tapas, liverpool

aren’t tapas just great?

when done properly, tapas can be my preferred meal above 3-courses. during our holiday to portugal, our greatest meal was definitely at a small, tiled tapas bar, down a cobbled street in the algarve (what a romantic.)

wanting to recreate that feeling as much as possible in liverpool, we headed into salt house tapas. not quite down a cobbled street or allowing us to bask in any sun, this was still a tapas meal to remember.

salt housefrom the top, going clockwise – roasted squash with almonds and whipped goats cheese, jamon croquettes, cauliflower and chickpea tagine, pork belly, pan fried peppers with sea salt flakes, and chicken/chorizo skewers on flatbread.

everything comes out once it’s made, providing you with an ongoing eating experience and the excitement of still having more to come.

the stand out dish for me was probably the peppers; not usually a fan of the green ones, these were salty savoury goodness, and went really well with the whipped goats cheese.

2013-12-08 13.26.51my second favourite had to be the chicken and chorizo – a simple enough flavour combination, but the meat was beautifully soft, with none of that chewiness that can so often plague a chorizo dish.

chicken and chorizo skewersthe lunchtime menu was £10.95 for 3 plates and a slice of sourdough bread, with oil and vinegar. personally, i thought this was great value for the atmosphere, service, and simple but effective dishes.