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guerrilla eats first birthday, manchester

anyone who reads this blog, follows me on twitter or yelp, knows how much of a fan i am of the big blue gorilla that is guerrilla eats.

recently, he celebrated his first birthday! and boy does he know how to celebrate.

traders included the usual dirty dogs are hot, ginger’s comfort emporium, chaat cart and fire & salt bbq but there were also a few visitors from elsewhere – spit and roast, mumma’s schnitzel (who are also to be found in spinningfields), and luardo’s mexican.

2013-11-16 20.43.20

as ever, we tried to eat from everywhere!

2013-11-16 20.44.57

2013-11-16 20.46.36the texan two step roll from fire & salt, consisting of brisket and texan smoked sausage on a brioche roll, was a real treat. stepping away from pulled pork was a great move, showing that bbq is more than the standard fare. the mac and cheese was delicious; mixed fresh in front of us, the sauce was creamy and rich, much like that of southern eleven.

2013-11-16 20.05.06

the buttermilk chicken bun from spit and roast, topped with korean hot sauce, made us both stop and really appreciate what we were eating. the chicken was juicy and moist, with a perfect crispy coating, and the sauce was sweet but spicy. i hope they come back because i don’t think i can live my life without more of this chicken.

2013-11-16 20.14.50

2013-11-16 20.19.56dirty dogs are hot were, as ever, offering up a twist on the classic dog – this time, it was the dog’s bollocks. no, that was the name! bourbon jam, a beef and pork frank, nacho cheese sauce and pickled red onion. if that doesn’t get your juices flowing, i don’t know what will.

2013-11-16 20.57.59

2013-11-16 21.00.22we had ginger’s chorlton crack for dessert – peanut and salted caramel ice cream. the initial salty taste took me back, but the aftertaste and chunks of nut went down perfectly. rich and creamy, it’s no wonder these ice-creams are so sought after in manchester.

not a bouncy castle in sight.


common bar, manchester

surrounded by other popular eateries such as home sweet home and solita, common can often get overlooked when we’re deciding on somewhere to eat.

last sunday, however, it made its way back onto my radar – with full force.

hungry from a few drinks the night before, we were after something restoring (aka a little bit greasy and with plenty of meat).

commoni went straight in for my favourite, the maple bacon burger with smoked cheese with a side of chilli cheese fries. for the record, we shared the latter, but they were only £3.50, so how could we say no?

WP_20131027_001the burger was delicious, with a really sturdy bun, allowing me to work my way through it without it falling apart. the mixture of meat, cheese and bacon is basically the holy trinity, and the smoked cheese makes it just that bit better.

chilli cheese fries were demolished, with a slight spice to the chilli and plenty of cheese throughout the bowl. not a slaw fan normally, i was happy to eat this – rather than being bound by mayonnaise, it was onion, carrot and cabbage with just a small amount of vinegary dressing.

WP_20131027_002the red onion chutney and lancashire cheese wrap/panini is another great choice here. the cheese is really creamy and well balanced by the chutney, which i would buy by the bucket.

back on the radar, with good reason.

solita, manchester

SoLiTa is synonymous with great food in manchester.

based in the north quarter, just off the main strip, it’s the place to go if you want any of the following – burgers with amazing names, friendly service, fried cheese, bbq, or just meat in general.

our latest visit was last wednesday to celebrate the other half’s promotion. walking in at around 7pm, it was busy with around a 20 minute wait. we headed downstairs for a drink before we were seated upstairs.

with their specials usually taking up the majority of my twitter feed, it’s easy to get excited about the menu. they know how to keep things fresh and entice you back again and again and again.

we started with the ribs, wings and things (which our lovely waiter scott complimented me on ability to say. it’s hard.)

solita (2)it went down a treat, especially the breaded jalapenos – those things are delicious.

i went straight into the once in a lifetime burger for main; i was tempted by the mac daddy, which another member of the party had, so simply perved on his instead.

solita (9)it really was a thing of beauty (shoddy photo though…) – deep fried mac and cheese bun with a juicy burger in between. served up with green bean fries, hidden in the corner of that photo, which were a great change from fries, the whole meal was devoured.

solita (6)my burger, made up of a patty, fried chicken, bbq sauce, onion ring and pulled pork, was dream-worthy. it’s the way forward with burgers – pile everything on and to hell with it.

solita (3)the hot dog, topped with onions, ketchup and mustard, was a traditional choice but easy to get wrong. solita gets it so right. the cheesy spiral fries, covered in what tasted like velveeta cheese sauce, are usually reserved for after a night out, but they shouldn’t be confined to that. cheesy fries should be on more menus.

meaty cheesey heaven.

walrus, manchester

after a relatively quiet and relaxed bank holiday, with very little done other than a visit to the urban market, we decided to say farewell to the long weekend in the same way – with a laid back dinner at walrus.

having never been before, we had a quick scan of the menu before heading in. being huge fans of tusk next door, it was an easy sell.

inside isn’t quite as eclectic as the african-theme next door, but the large booth seating and light wood suited me fine!

it being before 8pm, we took advantage of happy hour and drank a great bottle of white wine between us for £9.95.

walrus 26.08 (1)the menu is mouthwateringly attractive.

you’ve got some small plates to choose from, with the likes of halloumi skewers/braised beef spring roll/prawn toast on offer, and then some larger plates, including a burger and fish and chips. if you’re the sharing kind, there are 4 choices of platters – meaty, fishy, birdy and veggie.

despite how good these sounded, especially birdy (sky), i went straight in for the burger. very unoriginal, but a great choice.

walrus 26.08 (3)the thing just drips juicy goodness. the fries were perfectly salted, with some lovely crispy ones hidden away, and the tomato relish was gone too quickly for my liking. the only sad face? the onion rings! though they were delicious, they “weren’t as life changing as the ones from tusk,” as my boyfriend pondered.

walrus 26.08 (4)excuse the blur, but i was pretty excited. something i really enjoyed was the colour of the meat – what fools tried to ban rare/medium rare meat from being sold?

as well as the burgers, we shared the halloumi skewers.

walrus 26.08 (2)they looked fancy and tasted even better. the halloumi was super salty but balanced perfectly bu the coiled cucumber and lemony dressing. the pea and mint bon bons were ‘interesting’ on their own, but really added to the dish when you crammed everything into your mouth at once.

the whole experience was one i would happily repeat, especially for those cheesy cubes of goodness.

almost famous beach club, manchester

manchester isn’t known for its great weather, but damn we are getting it at the moment!

with this, everyone is feeling pumped for summer and, as we all know, burgers get you ripped – enter Almost Famous. tragically, their set up in the Northern Quarter fell foul of a kitchen fire, so head to the beach club in Great Northern Square to get your fix!


we headed down last saturday and got stuck straight in. one famous burger, one killer bacon triple cheese and a portion of bacon bacon fries. if you haven’t experienced Almost Famous before, i’ll let those words sink in for a moment.


almost famous burger 13.07.13

everything at Almost Famous comes with that added extra something, and that’s usually bacon bits. the famous burger is their more simple burger offering – a double cheeseburger with an array of sauces, lettuce & tomato. this one was by far the easiest to eat. the killer bacon triple on the other hand – or all over the hand – was not. consisting of a triple cheeseburger, bacon rain and baconnaise, this isn’t for the fainthearted and definitely the cause of the 4 hour nap i had as soon as i got home. both were the epitome of messy burger fun and what eating should be – an experience!

the meat is pink and juicy, cooked to my personal preference perfectly. the cheese is proper american slices – a little bit day-glo but nothing else would work on this type of burger. bite in and everything falls out of the other side of the bun. one thing i have learnt recently is to turn your burger upside down as the top bun is sturdier; this is especially useful when eating something as saucy (literally and metaphorically) as these morsels. then open wide – there’s nothing else for it.


we paired our choices with bacon bacon fries, an Almost Famous specialty: a mixture of normal and sweet potato fries, topped with baconnaise and bacon bits. salty, yes, but god they are good.

wave goodbye to your sensibilities and indulge. you’ll thank me once you wake up.