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happy new year!

happy 2014 everyone!

before saying goodbye to 2013 completely, here is a brief (but mouthwatering) look over the food i recently tucked in to during my christmas visit to sydney, australia!

IMG_0285beef & the trimmings on the plane from manchester – dubai

IMG_0290pasta with parmesan & avocado on the plane from dubai – sydney

IMG_0318steak sandwich & amazing fries at the lord nelson brewery pub

2013-12-25 11.29.26christmas day brunch!

2013-12-25 21.01.45

2013-12-25 21.32.43scallops to start & chicken roulade main at the oxford social for christmas dinner

2013-12-27 11.55.26

2013-12-27 11.55.31zucchini, shallot & sweetcorn fritters with bacon and tomato, and pancakes with pistachio cream at jelly fish on manly beach

2013-12-28 13.46.19chicken tikka wrap from wine odyssey at the rocks market

2013-12-28 20.09.192013-12-28 20.09.282013-12-28 20.09.37green chicken curry, chicken & coconut soup, and chicken satay at home thai restaurant

it really was a whirlwind trip (i was only there for a week!) but, as you can see, i managed to fit plenty of food adventures in.

here’s to a new year, filled with many more culinary delights and food-fuelled weekends. keep eating!


leaf on bold, liverpool

leaf on bold street is probably what this area of liverpool is all about – a rustic, cafe-cum-arts centre, with plenty of people tapping away on their laptops over a latte.

it might not be for everyone, but we were more than willing to pop in for our final meal of our long weekend in the city.

2013-12-09 11.19.54

nabbing a seat at the back of the room, so as to be able to properly people watch (and not get in anyone’s way – the tables are quite close together!), we looked over the small but delicious sounding menu. arriving at 11.30, we had the option of either getting our order in for breakfast or waiting 30 minutes for lunch.

although the lunch items sounded good, the other half couldn’t resist the full breakfast.

2013-12-09 11.40.35everything was well cooked and left me feeling pretty remorseful with my breakfast sandwich! the poached eggs were his favourite item, with the hash brown style breakfast croquette coming in a close second.

2013-12-09 11.40.19going for the make your own breakfast sandwich, i had sausage with the aforementioned breakfast croquette; the result was fairly stodgy, especially with the hunks of toasted brown bread, but there was nothing a spot of ketchup couldn’t sort out.

i can imagine leaf getting a bit crowded and stressful at the weekend, but for a weekday breakfast, i can’t imagine many better places.

hepworth’s deli, leeds

visiting another city can be quite stressful – especially when it comes to finding somewhere to eat!

luckily, leeds has some great places hidden away down its famous lanes. our current favourite (based on two trips to the city) is hepworth’s delicatessen.

needing some fuel before a huge day shopping for my birthday presents (only 2 weeks to go!), we decided to visit for breakfast/brunch. the atmosphere is really relaxed, with only a small amount of seating available, meaning service never appears rushed and you get their full attention.

decor is fairly rustic, with wooden tables and large hampers of local goods available to purchase, and the menus are both on large blackboards and clipboards on the tables.

l always on the hunt for a sugary start to my day, i went for the french toast.

l (1)

it was the perfect portion size and i devoured it all. there was just enough syrup and sugar, with a savoury undertone from the eggy bread that balanced it out. perhaps there could’ve been an option to add some fruit – though i’m sure if i had asked, i would’ve been given something!

2012-08-17 12.40.58the cakes here are also amazing; this rocky road was rich, biscuits, and how about that marshmallow? wow.

if you’re going to leeds, add this place to your list – and try to resist walking away with half of the produce.

home sweet home – the breakfast edition, manchester

my parent’s visited manchester this weekend and i was excited to show them all the great places the city has to offer; pie & ale for saturday lunch, and luck lust liquor & burn for breakfast the next day.

unfortunately, despite being advertised everywhere as being open 10-1 for breakfast, luck lust was completely shut up!

luckily, there is a saviour in this part of manchester, and it goes by the name of home sweet home.

home sweet home 13.10 (1)it was rammed to the rafters, but we squeezed ourselves onto the window table and looked over the menu. slowly, more and more people poured in – we got there just in time!

home sweet home 13.10 (5)

both food and drink were served slowly, but everything came as ordered – cold milk with the coffee and no eggs on my waffles. considering they take orders mentally here and it’s rare to see anyone writing anything down, it’s an impressive feat.

home sweet home 13.10 (3)my waffles weren’t quite as big as the pancake’s from moose coffee (my plate was much closer in size to those bad boys!) but they were close. the blueberry serving was a bit scant and i would’ve appreciated more, but the waffles held their own, with great texture and the perfect thickness for mopping up maple syrup.

home sweet home 13.10 (4)my dad tucked into the sun devil scrambler, which looked delicious and packed a real punch of spice! i love this type of breakfast as it keeps you going all day and reminds me very much of a cowboy holiday we once took in america – but that’s a story for a different day!

home sweet home 13.10 (2)the eggs benedict were devoured by both my other half and my mum, who sang the praises of the eggs and left very clean plates.

a popular choice that keeps up with demand. home sweet home.

moose coffee, manchester

looking for a perfect breakfast can feel like a never ending quest.

whenever we go out at the weekend looking for something filling to start the day right, we tend to end up at a few select places. as i don’t like eggs, breakfast isn’t a great meal to eat out for. the majority of breakfasts seem to contain the (stupid) things and i’m left either asking for no egg or tucking into a lunchtime option.

unless pancakes are on offer. then i am a-okay.

moose coffee is a newcomer to the manchester scene; tucked away on york street, far enough from the hustle and bustle of market street to make you feel relaxed, it’s a great location that suggests it may be an inside secret for a little while longer.

now, i wasn’t a huge fan of the decor – it’s a good idea, calming shades of brown and beige, but it makes it feel a bit formal.

the menu is pretty vast, filled to the brim with breakfast options, but very little without egg. even the salad that comes on the side of sandwiches/burgers is egg based.

WP_20130831_002i can appreciate a good egg, as the above on my other half’s mighty moose breakfast, but it’s just not for me.

WP_20130831_004instead, i went for these massive pancakes, topped with bacon and served with maple syrup. the pancakes were delicious, thick and fluffy, though i was defeated after 2. the sugar went straight to my head.

i balanced this rush out with some of the potatoes from the mighty moose – fried with garlic and a touch of mustard powder, they were a great savoury hit that i desperately needed.

the service was friendly, with a gap here and there, taking an order from a table that came in after us before paying us any attention and forgetting brown sauce, but i’m sure that will come with time.

i’ll be back, but maybe not in a rush. unless it’s a sugar rush.

WP_20130831_007syrup action shot!