sunny saturday

where did we go? cafe istanbul and the cornerhouse.

when was this? friday 19th.

what happened? we had a great time.


cafe istanbul

located on bridge street in manchester, cafe istanbul is the place to go when you want to avoid the americana currently claiming the city. with byron opening nearby and all star lanes making a name for themselves by the amc, cafe istanbul will inevitabley get busier and increasingly popular – not that it isn’t already. the menu is enough to make you drool just when browsing – hummus and pitta, chicken skewers, lamb platters, stuffed vine leaves, donner kebab – what more could you want? we tucked into the early evening menu starting platter and hoovered up every last drop of hummus, chicken, turkish sausage, and cheesey filo triangle. the hummus alone is enough to have you planning your next trip. for mains we had the chicken skewers and donner kebab, which were far from their takeaway counterparts; moist and juicy, both meats were served with herby rice, which was light and fluffy. garlic pitta was the perfect side dish and completed the illusion of being in another country, started by the surroundings – colourful turkish lamps line the ceiling and it’s bright, taking you away from dreary manchester and flying you head-first into summer.


have you seen the place beyond the pines? go and see it now. ryan gosling is amazing but bradley cooper threatens to steal the show. it’s a heartwarming and wrenching tale of fathers and sons, betrayal, and how messed up the world can be for some people. basically, everything you want in a film. you’ll be quoting and reminiscing about the gos dancing with a dog to bruce springsteen for months.

happy weekend!