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guerrilla eats first birthday, manchester

anyone who reads this blog, follows me on twitter or yelp, knows how much of a fan i am of the big blue gorilla that is guerrilla eats.

recently, he celebrated his first birthday! and boy does he know how to celebrate.

traders included the usual dirty dogs are hot, ginger’s comfort emporium, chaat cart and fire & salt bbq but there were also a few visitors from elsewhere – spit and roast, mumma’s schnitzel (who are also to be found in spinningfields), and luardo’s mexican.

2013-11-16 20.43.20

as ever, we tried to eat from everywhere!

2013-11-16 20.44.57

2013-11-16 20.46.36the texan two step roll from fire & salt, consisting of brisket and texan smoked sausage on a brioche roll, was a real treat. stepping away from pulled pork was a great move, showing that bbq is more than the standard fare. the mac and cheese was delicious; mixed fresh in front of us, the sauce was creamy and rich, much like that of southern eleven.

2013-11-16 20.05.06

the buttermilk chicken bun from spit and roast, topped with korean hot sauce, made us both stop and really appreciate what we were eating. the chicken was juicy and moist, with a perfect crispy coating, and the sauce was sweet but spicy. i hope they come back because i don’t think i can live my life without more of this chicken.

2013-11-16 20.14.50

2013-11-16 20.19.56dirty dogs are hot were, as ever, offering up a twist on the classic dog – this time, it was the dog’s bollocks. no, that was the name! bourbon jam, a beef and pork frank, nacho cheese sauce and pickled red onion. if that doesn’t get your juices flowing, i don’t know what will.

2013-11-16 20.57.59

2013-11-16 21.00.22we had ginger’s chorlton crack for dessert – peanut and salted caramel ice cream. the initial salty taste took me back, but the aftertaste and chunks of nut went down perfectly. rich and creamy, it’s no wonder these ice-creams are so sought after in manchester.

not a bouncy castle in sight.


manchester food and drink festival

it’s virtually impossible to ignore the food and drink festival when it descends onto albert square.

a free gathering of everything food and drink related, it’s the perfect place to indulge and discover new flavours and vendors.

2013-09-29 18.41.23

i work practically next door, so have taken a few trips, though not all of them resulted in photos of my choices – snapping photos at my desk raised a few eyebrows, so i quickly stopped!

my first two trips were lunch related where i visited both the chaophraya and mumma schnitzel stands for pad thai and some morsels of chicken goodness.

2013-09-27 13.03.56

2013-09-27 13.03.48the pad thai was really good, filling and something a little bit different, easy to transport back to the office. peanuts and chilli were optional, but i had both, and for £4 i was happy with my choice! mumma schnitzel is famed for its chicken burgers but, already having a salad prepared, i went for some baby popcorn chicken bites, which were tasty, though they didn’t blow my mind away. i’ve heard only good things about the halloumi, so i think i chose wrong (again)!

2013-09-29 18.40.07

WP_20130929_009last night saw us revisiting due to a bare fridge, and we went straight for the pizza peddlers’ pepperoni. not only was the pizza great, with really meaty pepperoni and topped with rocket and garlic oil, but the guys were really happy to have a chat, asking whether we’d been before etc. northern hospitality at its finest!


2013-09-29 19.09.19we also couldn’t resist the pull of the harvey nichols stall, offering up bubbles & dogs to the discerning. a glass of prosecco goes perfectly with a chilli cheese dog – who’da thunk it?

the stalls are changing soon enough and another wave of delights will be upon us.

sorry waistline.

guerrilla eats, manchester

the guerrilla gorilla strikes again.

last friday, the big blue signal of street food had another outing – this time, we were back in the empty lot across from salford central station, ready to feast on offerings from around the region.

2013-08-30 18.27.38it being a friday night, we were naturally drawn to the bar. a gorilla punch and punk ipa later, we were ready to eat!

first out of the gate were some ball-shaped treats from the amazing mr meatball. we tried both options from the evening – pork/beef & oregano and steak & chorizo – and both were tasty. i preferred the former and it was a good tongue readier for the evening ahead. simple but effective.


next up was firm favourite barnhouse bistro. now, i would literally follow this van around if i could – wherever they are, service is always friendly and food is consistently amazing. after their regular burgers have become a hit, they’ve branched out into chicken. mighty fine chicken.

2013-08-30 18.54.35

bourbon and chilli grilled chicken in a jalapeno cornbread? i was all over it.

the ‘burger’ was the highlight of my night by far. the bread was spicy with great texture, chicken soft but packing a punch, and just the right amount of sauce to cool it down (so you can take another bear-sized bite.)

2013-08-30 18.54.53

although we’ve been to plenty of events with a moocher foods stall in attendance, we’ve somehow never been.

it has to be said that this event was on the quiet side for the gorilla – we did head in early, to ensure our favourites hadn’t sold out, but there was something slightly lacking. this being said, it meant we could get served instantly without any queues. bonus!

2013-08-30 18.48.06we went straight for the wild boar ragu with cheesy polenta from these folks; everything looked delicious, especially the actual set up, but how can you say no to wild boar? the meat was really rich and worked well with the polenta. the only downside was that i felt like going to straight to bed afterwards!

though that may have been the various gorilla punches.

WP_20130830_005our final stop was to arepa! arepa! arepa! as an avid twitter user, i’ve seen the tasty morsels they serve up and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. we even saw them being made!

WP_20130830_009after some deliberation, we went for the shredded beef option. i really enjoyed the meat, though the actual dough was quite unusual – a little bit sweet, with a grainy texture. hopefully next time i’ll be able to get my mouth on some empanadas!

WP_20130830_015until next time you big blue primate.

urban market, salford

one of the newest kids on the block, the urban market has plenty of contenders – the super popular levy market, a range of events being held in st.ann’s square, and castlefield market to name a few.

the main thing urban market has on its side is the grand location and that people are always looking for something new to do. it’s a stone’s throw away from harvey nichols and hanging ditch (and right on my doorstep, might i add!), so why wouldn’t people wander over and check it out?

urban market 24.08.13we went on saturday, the least sunny day of the bank holiday it seems! not good for them, but great for us, as it meant we could walk around unhassled and really take in the offerings. we recognised a few of the stalls, including pig&co, where we bought some delicious satay sausages for our dinner, and i was drawn to some lesser seen ones – especially the flower stall, with blooms a plenty!

urban market 24.08.13 2as a bit of a street food addict, i had to see what i could chow down for my lunch. there’s not a huge amount of choice, but what you get is good quality grub. i went for a mama k’s burrito; £5 for a burrito (or homemade taco shell) with as many fillings as the lovely lady could cram in. count me in! i opted for the super soft beef with rice, cowboy beans, spicy cheese sauce, lettuce, cheese, a touch of guacamole, and a small helping of ranch dressing. i resisted adding more meat. looking back, i don’t know why.

urban market 24.08.13 4these are the perfect lunchtime grab-and-go meal. i tucked into mine with panache and almost managed to finish! i also almost forgot to take any kind of photo evidence, so here it is half eaten –

urban market 24.08.13 5i wouldn’t hesitate eating this all over again. also on offer were crepes and chicken wraps from kaiser carribbean.

with this on my doorstep, i’m more than likely to pile on the pounds. upcoming dates are 28th-29th september/26th-27th october/23rd-24th november.

i’ll be there, spending money i don’t have and shoving my face into more street food.

marble brewery 125 year anniversary

the marble arch is a bit of an institution in manchester. brewing their own beer and offering up some new, exciting flavours, people flock here to drink and be merry.

we’ve been to the pub on a range of occassions; from hunkering out of the manchester snow, to the other half meeting my parents for the first time, we have some very happy memories!

so, when we heard they were having an anniversary do, i was instantly ordering our tickets.


we invested in some weekend tickets at £15 each, which included beer £2.50 worth of beer tokens per day and commemorative glasses. you could choose between a pint or 1/2, which you kept for the day – washing points were set up around the beer garden and inside, so you didn’t have to mix your flavours.

i’m not a beer drinker, but with 8 real ciders available i didn’t feel left out.

a variety of individual bars were set up, one showcasing some very new offerings from marble uk and another from their us counterparts, giving everyone the opportunity to wander around, talk beer, and try something new.

2013-08-01 20.34.50

thursday was a more relaxed affair, with after-workers simply wanting a pint and a bite to eat. free chip butties were on offer, which we took advantage of, and it was nice to feel like we were getting something a little bit extra.

2013-08-01 20.55.16

on saturday, we visited with extras in tow post-manchester picnic; it was just as relaxed as thursday, though twice as busy. after standing for a while, a lovely man offered up his table to us, and we settled in for the day.

no chip butties today, but we did end up eating – proper popcorn chicken and a corn dog, both served with delicious crispy thin fries.

2013-08-03 20.03.05

the music on saturday was simply amazing. 4 men with a range of instruments – including a green trombone and the biggest drum i’ve ever lain eyes on – and the whole pub singing and clapping along. it gave everyone a boost, and kept them away from the pumps for at least a few moments!

2013-08-03 17.10.11

i’m a sucker for a good event, and these folks know how to throw a birthday party.

i’m already looking forward to the next one!