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hepworth’s deli, leeds

visiting another city can be quite stressful – especially when it comes to finding somewhere to eat!

luckily, leeds has some great places hidden away down its famous lanes. our current favourite (based on two trips to the city) is hepworth’s delicatessen.

needing some fuel before a huge day shopping for my birthday presents (only 2 weeks to go!), we decided to visit for breakfast/brunch. the atmosphere is really relaxed, with only a small amount of seating available, meaning service never appears rushed and you get their full attention.

decor is fairly rustic, with wooden tables and large hampers of local goods available to purchase, and the menus are both on large blackboards and clipboards on the tables.

l always on the hunt for a sugary start to my day, i went for the french toast.

l (1)

it was the perfect portion size and i devoured it all. there was just enough syrup and sugar, with a savoury undertone from the eggy bread that balanced it out. perhaps there could’ve been an option to add some fruit – though i’m sure if i had asked, i would’ve been given something!

2012-08-17 12.40.58the cakes here are also amazing; this rocky road was rich, biscuits, and how about that marshmallow? wow.

if you’re going to leeds, add this place to your list – and try to resist walking away with half of the produce.


rosylee tearoom, manchester

with all the great press newcomer rosylee has been getting, i just had to try it out.

situated on stevenson square, it’s an easy find – just look for the sophisticated white exterior. a great contrast to the bus lanes and traffic outside.

a massive leap away from the bare brick and rolled up jeans of the rest of the northern quarter, rosylee is all about the black & white chequered floor, simple table decorations, and a man playing the piano.

we visited on a saturday afternoon for tea and cake, and indulgence we don’t have too often as we’ve usually stuffed our faces with copious amounts of bbq. however, on this occasion we thought we deserved a treat.

2013-09-21 14.25.49we were seated quickly at the table of our choice and given the lunch menus. having already eaten somewhere else, we spent about 10 minutes trying to get someone’s attention to ask for the cake menu as opposed to the mains. the waitress gladly got it for us and left us to it.

then began the waiting game. it’s quite easy to decide what you want here as there isn’t a huge amount of choice – treats like manchester tart, victoria sponge, or a fruit tartlet, all obviously made with due care and attention – so we were ready quickly.

noone came to our table for at least 15-20 minutes, not even to ask for drinks or check if we were okay, and we eventually had to flag someone down. there are plenty of waiters and waitresses around the place, so why were we left on the side? i came to the conclusion that we were sat in some kind of blind spot, or they were simply so focused on the lunch rush that tea and cake wasn’t important.

2013-09-21 14.35.54

WP_20130921_002once we did get our orders, everything was lovely. simple china, hot drinks served with a lump of both brown and white sugar (so they don’t clutter up your table) and an amaretti biscuit.

2013-09-21 14.42.32i tucked into the rosylee chocolate eclairs; for £3.75, getting two made me feel like i was getting much better value. the cream was delicately piped and had a real kick of vanilla. the only issue was how to eat it without drawing attention to myself i.e. i usually just shove them in my face.

there are some creases in service that need ironing out before i can agree with the other reviews out there; having a great look is one thing, but it can only get you so far.

simple sunday

things i have recently learnt – never leave your other half in front of saturday kitchen because you will end up making something.

most recently, it was this chocolate marshmallow brown sugar fudge.

fudge2confectionery making has always been a bit of a dream of mine but, as we all know, sugar can be a cruel mistress. this recipe and method however seemed to rely plenty on watching and guess work as opposed to sugar thermometers and precise temperatures, so we thought we’d give it a go.

we halved all ingredients to make sure the mixture would fit into our pans, but this is the original ingredient list.


butter = 70g

soft light brown sugar = 300g

evaporated milk = 125g

pink & white marshmallows = 1 pack

milk chocolate = 300g

dark chocolate = 75g


– set up your tin by lining it with greaseproof paper

– put the butter, sugar and milk in a pan and melt gently; check to see if the sugar has dissolved by dipped the back of a teaspoon in the mix and seeing if there are any obvious sugar crystals left

– once the sugar has dissolved, add the marshmallows and turn up the heat to boil the mixture; stir occasionally, because it’s fun to see everything mixing together (this should take 5-6 minutes)

– take the pan off the heat and add the chocolate; leave this for a few minutes to let the chocolate melt in to the mix, then stir

– pour the mixture into your lined tin and leave for a few hours to set

– cut up and try a piece, for scientific reasons

– take some into work and feel smug when you can offer your colleagues a piece of homemade fudge




the result is crumbly, chocolatey and sugary – great in small doses, but don’t try to scoff the lot at once.

feel good food

2013-05-31 22.22.28sometimes, i wonder where my love of food comes from. i was a fussy little eater when younger – i still wont touch butter or mayonnaise, but steak, spice and rice all seemed to be off my radar. then, a birthday or event rolls around and i remember! it’s because food makes everyone happy.

it was recently my brother’s birthday and i decided to take on a task i have never taken on before – making the birthday cake.

after much umming and aahing about making something magnificent and eye catching, i realised that all i needed to do was something that would make him happy. so, ta-da! the result was the above: a plain sponge base topped with nutella buttercream, chopped hazlenuts, ferrero rocher and gold stars.

why do you like food?


creme egg loaf cake & collar

mini creme egg cakeASOS multi chain rounded collar necklaceASOS multi chain rounded collar, £12.00