the blue pig, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

there’s something about sunday lunches, isn’t there?

every family has their own way of doing things – what time of day do you actually eat? what trimmings are there? what meat do you traditionally have?

i am, naturally, a huge fan of sunday roasts as they are a great excuse to stuff your face and have a nap afterwards (same goes for christmas dinner!) i am not, however, a great lover of eating out on a sunday. the potatoes are never crispy enough, meat usually dry or worse, turkey, and how hard is it to find somewhere that throws a few pigs in blankets in with your meal?

we had a hankering for a meal out last week so headed to the blue pig – we were actually looking to eat from their every-day menu and sample some deli delights, not realising that they only serve the roasts. upon sitting down, we didn’t quite feel like moving, so stayed for beef and pork dinners.

beef roast the blue pigserved in what can only be described as earthenware troughs, my beef brisket was a tasty way to spend the lunching hour. potatoes were crispy, carrots and parsnips well cooked, and would you just look at the size of that yorkshire pudding! wow.

the only disappointment was the meat, which was a touch too dry, and difficult to cut – especially in this style of plate/bowl hybrid.

pork roast the blue pigthe boyfriend’s pork was much more tender and the crackling on top like a salty, savoury biscuit.

where the blue pig gets its points from me is the fact they serve up my favourite side:

thebluepig2cauliflower cheese! so often overlooked but so simple. perfect portion sizes with 3 large florets and creamy cheesy sauce.

sad we didn’t get to eat from the main menu, but not a bad shot.