elixir tonics & treats, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

what is it about cocktails that keep us going back?

obviously, the answer for many people is the hidden alcohol content – but there’s something about the artistry of being able to make a great cocktail that really draws me to bars like elixir. and man are they artists.


the welcome is more than you could ask for; it’s a little bit dingy and dark, with brick walls and exposed pipes, perfect when you want to hide away after a long day at work! our bartender quickly came over to talk us through the menu, offering us some flavoured (cucumber) water whilst we made our choices.

i went for the lovelace martini after reading about it on yelp. served with a shot of prosecco topped with lemon sorbet, it was deliciously fruity and a real treat for the eye, especially as it was topped with a sugar lace pattern.

WP_20140115_004the other half drank his tequila based concoction after ordering quite blindly – the majority of alcohols are listed by their brand as opposed to type, so you do have to be a bit of a buff. however, there’s no shame in asking and the guys behind the bar are more than happy to explain and discuss your tastes.

WP_20140115_002unfortunately, we were already heading to lucha libre for dinner, but the food menu sounds – and, judging by some photos i’ve seen, looks – amazing. massive sandwiches and sharing platters all washed down with these stunning cocktails?

watch this space.