leaf on bold, liverpool

by thinhungrygirl

leaf on bold street is probably what this area of liverpool is all about – a rustic, cafe-cum-arts centre, with plenty of people tapping away on their laptops over a latte.

it might not be for everyone, but we were more than willing to pop in for our final meal of our long weekend in the city.

2013-12-09 11.19.54

nabbing a seat at the back of the room, so as to be able to properly people watch (and not get in anyone’s way – the tables are quite close together!), we looked over the small but delicious sounding menu. arriving at 11.30, we had the option of either getting our order in for breakfast or waiting 30 minutes for lunch.

although the lunch items sounded good, the other half couldn’t resist the full breakfast.

2013-12-09 11.40.35everything was well cooked and left me feeling pretty remorseful with my breakfast sandwich! the poached eggs were his favourite item, with the hash brown style breakfast croquette coming in a close second.

2013-12-09 11.40.19going for the make your own breakfast sandwich, i had sausage with the aforementioned breakfast croquette; the result was fairly stodgy, especially with the hunks of toasted brown bread, but there was nothing a spot of ketchup couldn’t sort out.

i can imagine leaf getting a bit crowded and stressful at the weekend, but for a weekday breakfast, i can’t imagine many better places.