soup kitchen, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

looking for somewhere that can offer up a cheap and satisfying lunch? look no further than soup kitchen.

set up canteen style, it’s a very welcoming atmosphere; everyone’s here, from mummy’s with their babies to students with their visiting parents. large wooden tables mean it’s a very communal dining experience, something that manchester doesn’t really have elsewhere, and is much appreciated.

the large chalkboard lets you know what’s what in terms of the soups and sandwiches of the day – these change almost daily, so there’s always something new to try.

2013-11-16 13.57.36i had the sweet potato, chilli and red pepper soup with a hunk of their homemade (as everything is!) bread. it was really delicious, with a real spice kick, and a great consistency – not too thick, but with plenty of texture. it completely filled me up and, for £3.50, that’s not to be sniffed at!

soup kitchen 2

soup kitchenthe boys both had soup and a sandwich for £6 – creamy mushroom soup with a goats cheese & red pepper sandwich, and pea & ham soup with a chicken salad sandwich.

everything was well made and greeted with promises of returning soon.

a short visit but a happy one!