common bar, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

surrounded by other popular eateries such as home sweet home and solita, common can often get overlooked when we’re deciding on somewhere to eat.

last sunday, however, it made its way back onto my radar – with full force.

hungry from a few drinks the night before, we were after something restoring (aka a little bit greasy and with plenty of meat).

commoni went straight in for my favourite, the maple bacon burger with smoked cheese with a side of chilli cheese fries. for the record, we shared the latter, but they were only £3.50, so how could we say no?

WP_20131027_001the burger was delicious, with a really sturdy bun, allowing me to work my way through it without it falling apart. the mixture of meat, cheese and bacon is basically the holy trinity, and the smoked cheese makes it just that bit better.

chilli cheese fries were demolished, with a slight spice to the chilli and plenty of cheese throughout the bowl. not a slaw fan normally, i was happy to eat this – rather than being bound by mayonnaise, it was onion, carrot and cabbage with just a small amount of vinegary dressing.

WP_20131027_002the red onion chutney and lancashire cheese wrap/panini is another great choice here. the cheese is really creamy and well balanced by the chutney, which i would buy by the bucket.

back on the radar, with good reason.