home sweet home – the breakfast edition, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

my parent’s visited manchester this weekend and i was excited to show them all the great places the city has to offer; pie & ale for saturday lunch, and luck lust liquor & burn for breakfast the next day.

unfortunately, despite being advertised everywhere as being open 10-1 for breakfast, luck lust was completely shut up!

luckily, there is a saviour in this part of manchester, and it goes by the name of home sweet home.

home sweet home 13.10 (1)it was rammed to the rafters, but we squeezed ourselves onto the window table and looked over the menu. slowly, more and more people poured in – we got there just in time!

home sweet home 13.10 (5)

both food and drink were served slowly, but everything came as ordered – cold milk with the coffee and no eggs on my waffles. considering they take orders mentally here and it’s rare to see anyone writing anything down, it’s an impressive feat.

home sweet home 13.10 (3)my waffles weren’t quite as big as the pancake’s from moose coffee (my plate was much closer in size to those bad boys!) but they were close. the blueberry serving was a bit scant and i would’ve appreciated more, but the waffles held their own, with great texture and the perfect thickness for mopping up maple syrup.

home sweet home 13.10 (4)my dad tucked into the sun devil scrambler, which looked delicious and packed a real punch of spice! i love this type of breakfast as it keeps you going all day and reminds me very much of a cowboy holiday we once took in america – but that’s a story for a different day!

home sweet home 13.10 (2)the eggs benedict were devoured by both my other half and my mum, who sang the praises of the eggs and left very clean plates.

a popular choice that keeps up with demand. home sweet home.