the general burgoyne, ulverston

by thinhungrygirl

over the last gloriously sunny weekend we had up north, we took a trip to the lake district.

visiting the practically-in-laws for a celebration, they took us to the general burgoyne – a short distance from the small town of ulverston, it’s had great reviews and i was looking forward to trying something traditional with roots in fine dining.

we were greeted by a small bar area, with a formal dining area on one side and more casual, gentleman’s lounge style area on the other. we ordered some drinks and then were taken through to our table; seated in an almost conservatory style room, this place gets warm, so don’t feel the need to take a jacket.

if you visit on a wednesday, you can sample their delicious sounding pies.

2013-09-28 19.50.20however, if you’re like us and you visit at the weekend (or any other day, for that matter) you can choose from a small but nicely formed a la carte menu. sadly, the lamb was off the menu on the saturday we visited, which did cause some disappointment amongst the table, but the other options kept them reasonably happy.

for starter, i went for the goats cheese bon bons, which seem to be cropping up on a few menus at the moment. they were perfectly creamy and well balanced by both the crispy exterior and pine nut & olive accompaniment.

WP_20130928_006 the other stand out starter was the chicken and sweetcorn ‘soup’ – chicken and sweet chilli wontons served in a broth, surrounded by cylinders of chicken. in terms of presentation and creativity, this received much admiration.

WP_20130928_007for main, i played relatively safe and went for the rump steak, medium rare, with the traditional grill side. in hindsight, i wish i had gone for the mediterranean vegetables, but you win some – you lose some! the steak was the perfect colour for me, if a bit chewy towards the end, and the onion rings were sadly a real disappointment. luckily, the twice cooked chips and peppercorn sauce made up for the batter-based failings!

WP_20130928_008when dessert rolled around, we were all (almost) full to bursting but we just had to try the award winning ‘peanuts and a pint’.

WP_20130928_010the presentation was beautiful; a ‘pint’ of chocolate tom ale jelly, topped with vanilla pannacotta, peanut brittle and a caramel and peanut ice cream. sadly, the flavour was just a bit too unusual for me – i enjoy the brittle and the pannacotta, but the salty-sweet ice cream just didn’t sit right. i’m not an ale drinker in the first place, so the jelly was a bit of a no-go, though i completely appreciate the thought behind it.

well worth a visit if you’re in the area. i expect i will be visiting for pie night in the near future.