moose coffee, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

looking for a perfect breakfast can feel like a never ending quest.

whenever we go out at the weekend looking for something filling to start the day right, we tend to end up at a few select places. as i don’t like eggs, breakfast isn’t a great meal to eat out for. the majority of breakfasts seem to contain the (stupid) things and i’m left either asking for no egg or tucking into a lunchtime option.

unless pancakes are on offer. then i am a-okay.

moose coffee is a newcomer to the manchester scene; tucked away on york street, far enough from the hustle and bustle of market street to make you feel relaxed, it’s a great location that suggests it may be an inside secret for a little while longer.

now, i wasn’t a huge fan of the decor – it’s a good idea, calming shades of brown and beige, but it makes it feel a bit formal.

the menu is pretty vast, filled to the brim with breakfast options, but very little without egg. even the salad that comes on the side of sandwiches/burgers is egg based.

WP_20130831_002i can appreciate a good egg, as the above on my other half’s mighty moose breakfast, but it’s just not for me.

WP_20130831_004instead, i went for these massive pancakes, topped with bacon and served with maple syrup. the pancakes were delicious, thick and fluffy, though i was defeated after 2. the sugar went straight to my head.

i balanced this rush out with some of the potatoes from the mighty moose – fried with garlic and a touch of mustard powder, they were a great savoury hit that i desperately needed.

the service was friendly, with a gap here and there, taking an order from a table that came in after us before paying us any attention and forgetting brown sauce, but i’m sure that will come with time.

i’ll be back, but maybe not in a rush. unless it’s a sugar rush.

WP_20130831_007syrup action shot!