walrus, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

after a relatively quiet and relaxed bank holiday, with very little done other than a visit to the urban market, we decided to say farewell to the long weekend in the same way – with a laid back dinner at walrus.

having never been before, we had a quick scan of the menu before heading in. being huge fans of tusk next door, it was an easy sell.

inside isn’t quite as eclectic as the african-theme next door, but the large booth seating and light wood suited me fine!

it being before 8pm, we took advantage of happy hour and drank a great bottle of white wine between us for £9.95.

walrus 26.08 (1)the menu is mouthwateringly attractive.

you’ve got some small plates to choose from, with the likes of halloumi skewers/braised beef spring roll/prawn toast on offer, and then some larger plates, including a burger and fish and chips. if you’re the sharing kind, there are 4 choices of platters – meaty, fishy, birdy and veggie.

despite how good these sounded, especially birdy (sky), i went straight in for the burger. very unoriginal, but a great choice.

walrus 26.08 (3)the thing just drips juicy goodness. the fries were perfectly salted, with some lovely crispy ones hidden away, and the tomato relish was gone too quickly for my liking. the only sad face? the onion rings! though they were delicious, they “weren’t as life changing as the ones from tusk,” as my boyfriend pondered.

walrus 26.08 (4)excuse the blur, but i was pretty excited. something i really enjoyed was the colour of the meat – what fools tried to ban rare/medium rare meat from being sold?

as well as the burgers, we shared the halloumi skewers.

walrus 26.08 (2)they looked fancy and tasted even better. the halloumi was super salty but balanced perfectly bu the coiled cucumber and lemony dressing. the pea and mint bon bons were ‘interesting’ on their own, but really added to the dish when you crammed everything into your mouth at once.

the whole experience was one i would happily repeat, especially for those cheesy cubes of goodness.