urban market, salford

by thinhungrygirl

one of the newest kids on the block, the urban market has plenty of contenders – the super popular levy market, a range of events being held in st.ann’s square, and castlefield market to name a few.

the main thing urban market has on its side is the grand location and that people are always looking for something new to do. it’s a stone’s throw away from harvey nichols and hanging ditch (and right on my doorstep, might i add!), so why wouldn’t people wander over and check it out?

urban market 24.08.13we went on saturday, the least sunny day of the bank holiday it seems! not good for them, but great for us, as it meant we could walk around unhassled and really take in the offerings. we recognised a few of the stalls, including pig&co, where we bought some delicious satay sausages for our dinner, and i was drawn to some lesser seen ones – especially the flower stall, with blooms a plenty!

urban market 24.08.13 2as a bit of a street food addict, i had to see what i could chow down for my lunch. there’s not a huge amount of choice, but what you get is good quality grub. i went for a mama k’s burrito; £5 for a burrito (or homemade taco shell) with as many fillings as the lovely lady could cram in. count me in! i opted for the super soft beef with rice, cowboy beans, spicy cheese sauce, lettuce, cheese, a touch of guacamole, and a small helping of ranch dressing. i resisted adding more meat. looking back, i don’t know why.

urban market 24.08.13 4these are the perfect lunchtime grab-and-go meal. i tucked into mine with panache and almost managed to finish! i also almost forgot to take any kind of photo evidence, so here it is half eaten –

urban market 24.08.13 5i wouldn’t hesitate eating this all over again. also on offer were crepes and chicken wraps from kaiser carribbean.

with this on my doorstep, i’m more than likely to pile on the pounds. upcoming dates are 28th-29th september/26th-27th october/23rd-24th november.

i’ll be there, spending money i don’t have and shoving my face into more street food.