marble brewery 125 year anniversary

by thinhungrygirl

the marble arch is a bit of an institution in manchester. brewing their own beer and offering up some new, exciting flavours, people flock here to drink and be merry.

we’ve been to the pub on a range of occassions; from hunkering out of the manchester snow, to the other half meeting my parents for the first time, we have some very happy memories!

so, when we heard they were having an anniversary do, i was instantly ordering our tickets.


we invested in some weekend tickets at £15 each, which included beer £2.50 worth of beer tokens per day and commemorative glasses. you could choose between a pint or 1/2, which you kept for the day – washing points were set up around the beer garden and inside, so you didn’t have to mix your flavours.

i’m not a beer drinker, but with 8 real ciders available i didn’t feel left out.

a variety of individual bars were set up, one showcasing some very new offerings from marble uk and another from their us counterparts, giving everyone the opportunity to wander around, talk beer, and try something new.

2013-08-01 20.34.50

thursday was a more relaxed affair, with after-workers simply wanting a pint and a bite to eat. free chip butties were on offer, which we took advantage of, and it was nice to feel like we were getting something a little bit extra.

2013-08-01 20.55.16

on saturday, we visited with extras in tow post-manchester picnic; it was just as relaxed as thursday, though twice as busy. after standing for a while, a lovely man offered up his table to us, and we settled in for the day.

no chip butties today, but we did end up eating – proper popcorn chicken and a corn dog, both served with delicious crispy thin fries.

2013-08-03 20.03.05

the music on saturday was simply amazing. 4 men with a range of instruments – including a green trombone and the biggest drum i’ve ever lain eyes on – and the whole pub singing and clapping along. it gave everyone a boost, and kept them away from the pumps for at least a few moments!

2013-08-03 17.10.11

i’m a sucker for a good event, and these folks know how to throw a birthday party.

i’m already looking forward to the next one!