the hive grand opening launch extravaganza

by thinhungrygirl

the hive is a shiny new building in the northern quarter of manchester. home to my beloved pie & ale, whom this launch was for, it’s fast becoming the place for young professionals to spend their evenings.

the launch took place last friday and was the busiest i’ve ever seen this area. we gave our free printed tickets in, were given our wristbands, and told to enjoy.

2013-08-02 20.35.22

we were instantly smacked in the face by the smell of bbq – beautifully coloured steak was being served up on slabs of the biggest foccacia you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. bread is, naturally, one of the things bakerie does very well indeed.

bakerie was open as usual, but the bakerie wine shop/pie & ale/the classroom all housed different music and drinking options. this was the point where my other half pointed out it felt like a fancy house party.


in the wine store, you got your wine (fancy that!) – the free option had gone by the time we rocked up, but for £3 a glass i wasn’t complaining! the wizard of oz was playing on the ceiling and a large wooden table was set up, covered in flour, the host to an earlier bread making workshop.

in pie & ale, the music was pretty disco, and it was a paid bar. people were flocking in for pie and ale alike – thankfully, service wasn’t being affected all that much, as staff were going between shops and helping as needed. like a little family.


in classroom, which i believe is usually an independent arts centre, there were 6 casks set up and this is where the free options were still flowing. granted, they were only being served in halves, but that only made it better as you could taste a few options rather than being stuck with one.

2013-08-02 20.35.38


music, meat, not so much mayhem.

hopefully this will give the area a boost and encourage people to explore this area of the nq. it’s one of my favourite places already.