manchester picnic

by thinhungrygirl

it seems like manchester gets all its great events at once.

this weekend, the manchester picnic was in full swing – a range of street food traders set up shop in piccadilly gardens, with some music and children’s entertainment.

2013-08-02 13.11.07

i visited twice over the event, once on friday on my lunchbreak and then again on saturday pre-marble arch festival.


manchester picnic (4)friday was an el kantina kind of day. after one of those weeks at work, i needed something a little bit naughty to get me through the afternoon. enter pig candy – something i’d read about on twitter, so my mind was basically already made up.

two small pancakes, two strips of candied bacon, topped with maple syrup & cinnamon dust, and cheese sauce on the side.

manchester picnic (5)to make it even naughtier, the cheese sauce should’ve just been on the bacon/pancakes already. go the whole hog etc. the cinnamon in the cheese sauce was a taste sensation, and despite being on a complete sugar rush for the rest of the afternoon, i would stick to my choice; it took me straight back to america.


as i ended up being out for the majority of my lunch break, i took some goodies back to the office. i have to admit that martins bakery was one of the first stalls we came across, but everything looked so good i had my money out instantly. the bread and pastry treats all looked delicious, but i went for two smartie & chocolate chip cookies and a gooey chocolate brownie.

the brownie was gone almost instantly; it was stick to the roof of your mouth goodness that everyone couldn’t get enough of. the cookies were really crumbly and actually had a hidden depth of flavour, presumably caused by an additional ingredient – i’m thinking oats.


saturday had to be a castro day. i’ve been in love with their street food since last year’s food & drink festival in st.albert’s square – it’s always spot on.

2013-08-03 13.45.49i went for the pulled pork with bbq black eye beans, slaw, bbq sauce and burnt ends. burnt ends aren’t for everyone, but they’re a personal treat – it’s so rare that you find them anywhere, i jump on them when i can. everything was melty and full of flavour, with a real kick of spice, and then these big chunks of chewy burnt ends, adding a different texture to the dish.

i was wearing a cream dress on this occasion – rookie mistake. but worth it.

2013-08-03 13.45.41the other half was feeling hungry, so went straight in for the man vs. food at castro; a homemade dog, topped with pulled pork, slaw, onions, jalapenos, and bbq sauce. my mouth is watering at the thought of it.

he managed to get through it without dropping too much – he would’ve been devastated!

see you there next year!