luck lust liquor & burn, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

do you ever have ‘one of those days’ and feel the need for some food to cheer you up?

yes, every day does count as an answer!

but i’m not talking feeling ill and needing comfort food, i’m talking food that makes you smile and puts the world to rights.

i’m talking luck lust liquor & burn.

this is the sort of place that instantly puts a smile on your face – the service is fun, friendly and fast, the walls are adorned with an array of graffiti and memories of america, and the food is just what you need. the menu itself is an instant pick me up; what could make you smile more than the idea of a huge £30 burrito or yum yum sticky pork buns?


we got stuck in with the quick fixes – hot buffalo chicken blasts and halloumi, both giving off amazing amounts of heat, and the blasts being almost identical to the amazing ones served up at gino’s east in my beloved chicago. served with celery and bleu cheese dressing, the edge was taken off, but they didn’t stop my gums from tingling.


gino’s east


luck lust

next up was the beef smackdown burrito and the bunga bunga burger; while almost famous are only in action at the beach club, they’ve shipped a few of their burgers here.


the burrito was a pretty solid mouthful, full of juicy soft beef and rice, the only let down were the chunks of pepper that got in the way of being able to take consistent bites. then again, when you’re eating this kind of food you expect it to fall apart. cheese makes everything better and this seemed to be mixed with the rice, which is one of my favourite guilty pleasures. i’d like to see a fairer distribution of meat and rice, but i’d still eat it again in a heartbeat.


the bunga bunga burger was served in a super soft bun, with italian meat, mozzarella and beef patties. it held its shape for the most part and left the other half wanting more (of the burger..) which is always a good sign.


topped off with a side of winning fries – sweet potato and normal mixed together – this was a meal to remember. and relive.