pie & ale, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

pie & ale is the newest offering from the brains behind bakerie. it’s also my newest love.

i originally stumbled upon it with my other/better half when we were searching for an after work drink that wasn’t full of suits – bingo! situated at the bottom of the shiny new hive building in the northern quarter, it’s the perfect getaway for creative industry types.

everything looks similar to bakerie, giving everywhere a sense of consistency; light wood, simple decor, bench seating. after a few pints, i was sold.

and then we went back for sunday lunch!

the drinks menu is vast, primarily ale (how about that?) but also cider options for those of us not too keen on the brew and a variety of whiskeys for those who like something stronger with their dinner.

pie and ale 21.07.13 menu

the menu itself is simple – an offering of pies (naturally) and mash, but also pitta pockets and salad, served with the freshly baked bread from next door. despite how good everything looked, we went for pies and pies are what we got.

i opted for the aptly named steak & yippie pie ale – my favourite film is die hard (pie hard?) – and my companion tucked into a malaysian brisket offering.

pie & ale 21.07 (2)

pie & ale 21.07 (1)

now, my pie was beyond divine. the steak was soft, barely knife worthy, and still tasting of the ale. the pastry was super flaky,  with a little pastry cow crowning the dish (!), and mashed potato worth writing home about. despite not being a pea wet kinda gal, the other hails from wigan, so sometimes you have to dig deep; these mushy peas were pretty bloody good, with proper peas left in and not too much vinegar. the malaysian beef was sweet but spicy, soft and tender, a really nice change to the standard pie fillings found elsewhere.

pie & ale 21.07 (3)

pie & ale 21.07 (4)

yippie-kay-aye indeed

you’re looking at around £8 for a pie & mash, with the option of sides.

you don’t need sides – trust me.