font, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

font in manchester is somewhat of a student tradition. if you’ve studied in the city and not forgotten your name in a branch of font then you’ve not really been a student.

with £2 cocktails aplenty, it’s the perfect cheap night out when you’re waiting for your student loan to come through.

however, after graduating, you come to realise that they do food here and it’s actually really good. perfect for soaking up the night before, grabbing lunch at the weekend or showing your pals somewhere new to go.

there are two branches in manchester – one on new wakefield street and one in fallowfield, student central. my closest and personal favourite is NWS; frequently changing local art adorns the walls and the atmosphere is just that much more relaxed.

there’s a range of choices on the menu, with a new focus on american classics – philly cheese steak, hot dogs etc – but the big breakfast will always be a personal favourite.


on the last visit, i indulged with a jack daniels chicken wrap and cornflake tart. the wrap was delicious, if a bit wet – be prepared to walk away with sticky hands as you will get covered in tasty jack daniels sauce. always opt for the curly fries at font; the king of fries anyway, these make a meal. the cornflake tart, despite not looking much, was a great blast from the past and perfect change from the standard offering of cheesecake (yawn). if dessert isn’t your thing, order a coffee and have the freddo that comes with it.


in the past, as well as the breakfast, i’ve eaten a great chilli dog. served up in an authentic red plastic bowl, the dog is smothered in chilli and cheese – not too hot, but a great lunchtime treat. hot dogs should fast become the new burgers on the food scene as there’s so much to do with them. until then, go to font.

chilli cheese dog @ Font, Manchester

the curliest of curly fries.