almost famous beach club, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

manchester isn’t known for its great weather, but damn we are getting it at the moment!

with this, everyone is feeling pumped for summer and, as we all know, burgers get you ripped – enter Almost Famous. tragically, their set up in the Northern Quarter fell foul of a kitchen fire, so head to the beach club in Great Northern Square to get your fix!


we headed down last saturday and got stuck straight in. one famous burger, one killer bacon triple cheese and a portion of bacon bacon fries. if you haven’t experienced Almost Famous before, i’ll let those words sink in for a moment.


almost famous burger 13.07.13

everything at Almost Famous comes with that added extra something, and that’s usually bacon bits. the famous burger is their more simple burger offering – a double cheeseburger with an array of sauces, lettuce & tomato. this one was by far the easiest to eat. the killer bacon triple on the other hand – or all over the hand – was not. consisting of a triple cheeseburger, bacon rain and baconnaise, this isn’t for the fainthearted and definitely the cause of the 4 hour nap i had as soon as i got home. both were the epitome of messy burger fun and what eating should be – an experience!

the meat is pink and juicy, cooked to my personal preference perfectly. the cheese is proper american slices – a little bit day-glo but nothing else would work on this type of burger. bite in and everything falls out of the other side of the bun. one thing i have learnt recently is to turn your burger upside down as the top bun is sturdier; this is especially useful when eating something as saucy (literally and metaphorically) as these morsels. then open wide – there’s nothing else for it.


we paired our choices with bacon bacon fries, an Almost Famous specialty: a mixture of normal and sweet potato fries, topped with baconnaise and bacon bits. salty, yes, but god they are good.

wave goodbye to your sensibilities and indulge. you’ll thank me once you wake up.