tv21, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

this is the place for all nerdy, movie loving manchester eaters.

it’s not the foodiest of places – the menu offers a strong selection of that little bit of something different but nothing that will make you explore the inner sanctum of your mind. what they have are burgers a plenty, burritos, enchiladas, nachos, breakfasts and a challenge burger (look at the list and drool). i went for the chicken enchilada and my companion had the texan burger.

IMG_0011service was quick and friendly with no pressure to decide quickly. upstairs you’re surrounded by movie posters and paraphernalia; alien and predator catch your eye from the street and draw you in. there’s usually a film playing and music going, so it’s a treat for the eyes and ears. downstairs is a club area, and a proper restaurant area is located towards the back.


my enchilada was exactly what i was looking for. big, cheesey, crunchy and full to the brim with fillings; shredded chicken, onions, peppers, rice and jalapenos! just thinking about it makes me happy. mexican food is so rarely done properly and with a real finesse – or should it be no finesse? the best mexican food is dirty/messy mexican food – so the basic presentation made me happy. the texan burger was a bit of a let down; a bit too basic in its flavours and toppings, it wasn’t as impressive as the concoctions offered up by the likes of almost famous or solita, but it was a solid meal in itself.


would i go back? yes. hungover and ready to tuck into a lumberjack breakfast.

grits? i’m in.