feel good food

by thinhungrygirl

2013-05-31 22.22.28sometimes, i wonder where my love of food comes from. i was a fussy little eater when younger – i still wont touch butter or mayonnaise, but steak, spice and rice all seemed to be off my radar. then, a birthday or event rolls around and i remember! it’s because food makes everyone happy.

it was recently my brother’s birthday and i decided to take on a task i have never taken on before – making the birthday cake.

after much umming and aahing about making something magnificent and eye catching, i realised that all i needed to do was something that would make him happy. so, ta-da! the result was the above: a plain sponge base topped with nutella buttercream, chopped hazlenuts, ferrero rocher and gold stars.

why do you like food?