grillstock, manchester

by thinhungrygirl

have you heard of grillstock? if you haven’t, educate yourself.

last weekend, this magnificent festival came to manchester and i was more than ready to dive straight into its bbq’y goodness. with a slight hangover from the night before – the perfect bbq eating mindset – we rocked up to this heady concoction of smoke, meat, beer and music. drinks were supplied by brooklyn brewery; the summer ipa and cider were our choices for the day, though the pimm’s on tap helped start me off right.

we started off by watching a weber grill ‘show’ on how to bbq pizzas/pitta breads. now, we live in a teeny flat, so there’s no way in hell we can get a bbq, but it’s good to dream right? the show was engaging, despite being there predominantly for sales, and a nice break from everything else going on around us. the stalls were a variety of food, wine and bbq accessories – our favourite being the chilli jam man. we tried a few chilli sauces, and walked away with a jar of their award winning bhut jolokia for doing who knows what with, but we did try the spicier offerings, one of which nearly knocked my other half out of the running for the rest of the day.

we ate from a range of stalls and our choices included – a lamb & chickpea flatbread, a cheeseburger, a sausage bap, and a pulled pork/beef brisket bap. 2013-06-08 14.40.36

2013-06-08 17.52.54 2013-06-08 15.37.13

everything was pretty damn delicious, though naughty mayonnaise was snuck into my burger. when you’re serving with a delicious tomato relish, there’s literally no need on earth to stick gayonnaise on my food! the lamb flatbread was amazing, and a great break in the porky goodness of the other stalls. we tried to get ribs but were told they would be a 30 minute wait. so, we popped out of the line, got a pint, and jumped into the brooklyn brewery photobooth!

more of the same please.