street food

by thinhungrygirl

IMG_0019finally, a gorgeous manchester saturday. minus the car park.

if there’s one thing that i will forever thank america for giving the uk, it’s street food. eating from carts has been a trend in america for a while now – they created an entire tv competition around it – and we’re really catching on.

this bank holiday weekend, there were only two places i wanted to be; Guerrilla Eats and Fiesta Del Fuego.

IMG_0021IMG_00202013-05-25 13.43.18

nursing a slight hangover, the pulled pork roll on the left hand side (from Fire & Salt BBQ Co.) sorted me out instantly. obviously paired with a can of coke, i was in heaven. despite the basic bread roll, the pork was soft, covered in red sauce, and not as heavy as you might expect. above, the blue-cheese slaw dog from Dirty Dogs are Hot – according the the other half, it tasted not unlike a domino’s pizza, in a good way. i dislike slaw, but a nibble of the sausage filled my mouth with spice, elevating your basic hot dog to new, spicier levels. their other offering? PB&J – peanut butter, frank, and bacon jam. to indulge my sweet tooth, i had a lovers delight from the Pancake Corner; nutella and strawberries in a folded crepe. delicious and a perfect pancake pairing.

the atmosphere at Guerrilla Eats is always really relaxed and friendly. this setting was far from their usual haunts of abandoned warehouses – set up on king street in manchester, people who were passing could jump on the Guerrilla bandwagon, without the need for following them on twitter, which is the usual method of finding out when they’ll be popping up next.

2013-05-25 16.10.152013-05-25 16.11.54

Fiesta Del Fuego was up next. small but perfectly formed, this is the newest street food festival manchester has to offer us. six of the north quarter bars were competing to be crowned chilli champions – luck lust liquor & burn were the overall winners! we ate from the soup kitchen, picture on the left – chilli cooked with local stout and served with fresh lime, a jalapeno, and tortilla chips. for £3. after our early afternoon treats at Guerrilla Eats, this was the perfect portion. music filled the air, both from the speakers outside the Kaluha Coffee House and the banjo/kazoo/guitar band offering on stage.

the sun really came out for these festivals, and good thing too – not that rain ever stopped proper mancunions from celebrating.