tea & cake

by thinhungrygirl

cakehow very quaint!

tea & cake is one of those meals that defines the british. we love tucking in to cream filled cakes, hot buttered crumpets, and jam laden scones.

on a recent trip home, my mum introduced me to teacake – a gorgeous little teashop in shepreth. the whole thing feels like it’s run in the front room of the owner. a little ‘provisions store’ is set up near the cake counter where you place your order, then your tea & cake is delivered in the room next door. there are literally 5 tables here, so choose your timing wisely.

i devoured the above victoria sponge and the scone below was up to my mum to finish. neither of us shared because we didn’t get the chance. the china is mismatching, which somehow makes it match, but the overall feel of teacake avoids being pretentious in any way.

after living in manchester for so many years, i’ve grown weary of places doleing out the mistmatched china in order to seem different. but here it makes sense – you are surrounded by the countryside and in a pastel coloured house with a thatched roof.

it doesn’t get more british than this.