comfort food

by thinhungrygirl

i’m sick. cough. sniff.

i hate being sick. well, i love the opportunity to sit in my pj’s/watching endless tv/cuddling my duvet – it’s just the coughing mess i can’t quite cope with.

food is one of the only things i have to drag me out of sickness melancholy since i moved away from home.


pasta is my go to, especially mac&cheese; simple and quick, it’s the lazy sufferer’s key meal. throw in some peas (like i do to every meal i ever make – see above!) and you’re golden. throw in some hotdogs and you’re a genius.


how about pie? pastry is a great comfort to me – heading to the nearest pie shop was always my hangover cure during the first year of university. the above meal might look uninspiring, but god it tasted good – buttery potatoes, onion gravy, and perfect pastry. tuskor a burger. loaded with goodies. and crispy, salty fries. AND onion rings. this bad boy was at tusk bar in manchester; a wild boar burger with salsa & onion rings. and yes, it was double stacked.

needless to say, when i’m sick i don’t go for the healthy options. i try to eat super healthy during my weeks anyway, so when am i supposed to treat myself? other than the occassional naughty weekend, my sick days are when i like to indulge and remind myself that there is good in this world!

note: everything tastes better when someone else makes it for you.

what’s your go to when you’re feeling a bit under the weather?