simple sunday

by thinhungrygirl

2012-12-25 19.59.55sunday roast

no baked goods this sunday, just dreaming of a sunday roast. is there anything better?

my perfect roast has to have certain elements; yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese, & beef that falls apart when you look at it.

(for those interested, my family gets our ‘special event’ beef from Johnsons of Old Hurst)

the sunday roast is the epitome of home comfort – warming, friendly, & it’s always nice when someone else cooks for you. everyone has a story about roasts, like when my mum had to ring my gran to ask which end of the chicken to stuff, or my mum’s friend who went into labour whilst cooking their sunday roast, went to hospital, & came back 3 days later to find it all still there. yum.

restaurants can try but they will never beat this meal being homemade.