simple sunday

by thinhungrygirl

raspberry/almond flapjacks

simple sunday baking; flapjacks

there’s almost nothing simpler than making flapjacks. perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea, or a lunchtime treat, these oaty beauties fit in to everyone’s life. they have, naturally, become a staple food in the diet of this thinhungrygirl.

never made flapjacks? why on earth not?

i always leave myself some of the sugary, buttery, oats in the pan after pouring the mix into the cake tin. you’re allowed to do this sort of thing when you’re the chef.

grab a pan, circle or square, grease it up, then follow this recipe for fool-proof flapjacks.

flapjacks – makes 1 standard cake tin

margarine = 8oz

sugar = 8oz (split this 4oz soft brown & 4oz white for an added treat)

oats = 12oz

golden syrup = 2 tablespoons

additions = chocolate chunks or chips, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries

– preheat your oven to around 180

– melt your butter & sugar over a low heat until combined & easy to pour

– add your oats & golden syrup

– mix together

– add any tasty treats you fancy & stir well; chocolate helps to make these great for naughty afternoon tea or hot dessert bars whereas fruit gives them a jammy texture and are great for breakfast

– spoon your mixture into a greased cake tin, flattening down the top with either a fork or wooden spoon

– bake for around 30 minutes or until browned on the outside (though this can be altered for personal preference: i like mine gooey in the middle)

– slice while warm, leave to stand, then turn out onto a wire rack

– enjoy!

blueberry flapjacks